Following is a list of different synopsis of what we offer;


key bullet pointsDancer Classification: Customized entertainer legal classification to comply with State and Federal Law.

key bullet pointsWebsite & Social Media: Be well known on top search engines and strip club review sites. Utilizing new strategic forms of social media communications to attract guests. Create graphics in web content on a consistent basis.

key bullet pointsInsurance: Analyze and create need driven insurance program that can save you money.

key bullet pointsTraining: Create a customized plan that can help train your staff in all facets of guests services, safety, entertainer relations, and hospitality.

key bullet pointsGuest Experience Analysis: Disguised as “guests”, we’ll give you the real inside story as to what’s going on in your club with management, staff, and entertainers while we conduct extensive market research on your competitors. In addition, we will send security teams to analyze any potential security risks that your club may face.

key bullet pointsUltimate Club Locator: TC Management works with our brokerage team to find you the best location for your club. We also assist with zoning requirements and liquor license legality.

key bullet pointsCommunity Acceptance: We’ll get you involved in the best organizations that help your club create a positive image politically and socially.

key bullet pointsClub Financing: Various programs offer to help you purchase a club or refinance your existing club (certain restrictions apply).

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